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Lessons on Leadership

Peter Voogd

5 mins

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This course gives us insight into how to lead and build the right team, and shows us how important it is to develop the right culture in our business.


Lessons on Leadership

Lessons on Leadership

by Peter Voogd


Considered one of the world's top millennial entrepreneurs, Peter Voogd went from being broke to earning six-figures in six months. Now he's keen to share his knowledge so others can achieve the same.

In this course, we'll learn about the various aspects of successful leadership, including the importance of building an efficient team, creating a genuine culture that attracts top talent, and using our leadership skills to bring all of this together in a top-performing business venture.

Favorite quote

There's no better way to scale your business than literally building a team around you. This is the most refreshing thing you could ever do because you should only be working on your strengths. You should only be in your area of genius and nothing else.

- Peter Voogd

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