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Learn like a Pro

Olav Schewe, Barbara Oakley

5 mins

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In their fascinating course, instructors Barbara Oakley and Olav Schewe explore the science of learning and examine the best strategies for effective studying regardless of the subject matter or level of difficulty.


Learn like a Pro

Learn like a Pro

by Olav Schewe


We often say that we learn something new every day. Yet we are rarely aware of how our brains actually absorb and retain new information.

Dr. Barbara Oakley is an author, professor, and expert on turning neuroscience into strategies for effective learning. Olav Schewe is an ed-tech entrepreneur committed to helping students succeed. In this course, the instructors explore how concepts like focus, procrastination, and working memory affect learning.

A metacognitive exercise in its own right, Learn like a Pro investigates the brain's cognitive processes and pins down the strategies you can use to become a better learner.

Favorite quote

Metacognition literally means you're thinking about your thinking. It can be thought of as having an extra brain that thinks about how well you're actually learning, and how you can learn better.

- Barbara Oakley and Olav Schewe

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