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Leading Virtual Meetings

Kevin Eikenberry

5 mins

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Writer and consultant Kevin Eikenberry teaches how we can make a meaningful impact with our presentations - even when we're not in the same room as the other participants.


Leading Virtual Meetings

Leading Virtual Meetings

by Kevin Eikenberry


When the COVID-19 pandemic seized control over every aspect of our lives, virtual meetings quickly became the new norm. Despite the initial skepticism, people learned to find ways to build engagement, responsibility, and candor while working from home, and many now find it hard to imagine returning to the office full-time. It's possible to run an effective team virtually; we just have to make sure we're using the right practices.

Kevin Eikenberry is a specialist consultant and trainer who has been leading virtual meetings for many years, far before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this course, Eikenberry walks us through tactics to make our virtual meetings more engaging, collaborative, and productive.

Favorite quote

As important as effective facilitation is in regular meetings, it's even more important and misunderstood in virtual ones.

- Kevin Eikenberry

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