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Leading at a Distance

Kevin Eikenberry

5 mins

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This course shares tips for being an effective leader when working remotely, including how to engage teams, communicate, coach, build trust, and get results.


Leading at a Distance

Leading at a Distance

by Kevin Eikenberry


When you're not physically with your team, being a leader comes with many challenges. You can't keep tabs on their progress or problems like you would in a physical office. Whether you lead a fully-remote or hybrid team, you need to rethink your leadership strategy to achieve optimal results.

As a long-distance leader, Kevin Eikenberry knows about leading remote teams effectively. Eikenberry is a world-renowned leadership expert, consultant, coach, and bestselling author of several leadership books.

In this course, Eikenberry helps remote leaders reach their maximum potential by communicating effectively, building strong relationships, and engaging with team members. Eikenberry also shares practical advice on setting goals, encouraging honest feedback, and embracing technology to improve communication and collaboration.

Favorite quote

Out of sight might literally be out of mind, and that's not what any of us want, or your team members deserve. So, we must build processes and systems to make sure that we are connected to our team members.

- Kevin Eikenberry

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