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It's Not Your Fault You Can't Pay AttentionBy The Ezra Klein Show, Ezra Klein, Johann Hari

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In this February 2022 episode of the Ezra Klein Show, host Ezra Klein meets with New York Times bestselling author Johann Hari to discuss why we're struggling to pay attention now more than ever before.

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We need an attention movement to reclaim our minds, and it requires a shift in consciousness. We need to stop blaming ourselves.

Johann Hari


As humans, we are faced with countless daily distractions – invited and uninvited – that impact our ability to effectively focus our time, energy, and attention on the world around us.

Many of the things we think are productive are, in fact, harming us. By taking a critical look at our present moment, we can better understand why it has become so hard for us to pay attention.

The Ezra Klein Show, which Time, Vulture, Esquire, and The Atlantic selected as the best podcast of 2021, centers meaningful conversations around current topics.

Host Ezra Klein is a journalist, political analyst, and co-founder of Vox. In this February 2022 episode, he speaks with author Johann Hari about his latest book Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention – and How to Think Deeply Again.

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    We benefit from different kinds of focused attention
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