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Introducing Mammals

The Open University, David Robinson

5 mins

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This course from The Open University provides essential tools for understanding the biology of mammals and what differentiates them from other members of the animal kingdom.


Introducing Mammals

Introducing Mammals

by The Open University


Mammals are unique and incredibly adaptable creatures. Although the number of mammalian species is relatively humble compared to fish or insects, their presence has been observed across the world, from the highest cliffs to the deepest seas.

When an asteroid collision 66 million years ago ended the dominance of dinosaurs, other animals were given the ecological space to develop and thrive. Mammalian versatility, resilience, and intelligence, along with some nifty adaptations, made them successful in this new world.

The Open University's introductory course on mammals explains basic mammal biology and explores the adaptations that make this group so unique and successful.

Favorite quote

Between 225 and 195 million years ago, mammal-like reptiles evolved into true mammals ... diversification did not start until about 65 million years ago, during a period of geological time that witnessed the demise of the dinosaurs.

- The Open University

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