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Informational Interviewing

Barbara Bruno

5 mins

3 key insights

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Whether you want to kickstart your search for a new job or progress within your current company, this LinkedIn Learning course explains all the tricks of informational interviewing.


Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing

by Barbara Bruno


An informational interview is an informal meeting where you have the opportunity to learn about a job role that appeals to you from somebody already working in the industry. To succeed in an informational interview, need to know how to ask the right questions, update your resume, and effectively prepare.

Barbara Bruno has been in the recruiting industry for more than 25 years, placing over 10,000 individuals in new jobs. In this course, Bruno's objective is to help you differentiate an informational interview from an official one, answering any queries you may have about this part of the job application process.

Favorite quote

The way to get great informational interviews is to schedule as many as possible.

- Barbara Bruno

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