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Increase Visibility to Advance Your Career

Dawn Graham

5 mins

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This course will show you how to enlarge your chances for better professional visibility, looking at how to be recognized by those who make important decisions in your career.


Increase Visibility to Advance Your Career

Increase Visibility to Advance Your Career

by Dawn Graham


Career success is made up of many factors. Working hard, achieving results, constantly improving skills and knowledge — and that's only some of it. Career progressions such as better positions, promotions, and official acknowledgment by your employer are clear signs of successful professional visibility.

Dr. Dawn Graham, career director for the Executive MBA program at the Wharton School and author of Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success, knows a lot about how decision-makers think, value, and reward employees' work.

In this course, Graham shares simple-yet-effective tools and recommendations for developing a visibility strategy and achieving your career goals.

Favorite quote

Your goal doesn't have to be monumental, but it does need to be focused, and it's the first step to building a relevant visibility strategy that gets you on the right path to advancing your career.

- Dawn Graham

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