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Hunt, Gather, Parent

Michaeleen Doucleff

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In Hunt, Gather, Parent, Michaeleen Doucleff explains her approach to raising cooperative, happy children by modeling correct actions, acknowledging their growing maturity, and helping them practice good habits.


Hunt, Gather, Parent

Hunt, Gather, Parent

by Michaeleen Doucleff


For centuries, families lived in multi-generational households, participating in many life tasks together. But recent Western lifestyles have moved away from this, leaving children and parents to live in separate worlds within the same home. Today's parents often search diligently to understand why days with their beloved children are so difficult and exhausting.

Michaeleen Doucleff is a science correspondent for NPR and recipient of a Peabody Award for her reporting on the 2014 Ebola outbreak. In this book, Doucleff outlines her experiences with three non-Western cultures as she teaches families to work together instead of begging, yelling, and arguing.

Drawing on her observations from time spent with Maya, Inuit, and Hadzabe communities, the author proposes a TEAM approach to parenting: Togetherness, Encouragement, Autonomy, and Minimal interference. Through it all we are exposed to the stark difference in child rearing approaches between the Western world and cultures outside it.

Favorite quote

One day she said, 'Mama, what should I do now?' And without missing a beat, I blurted out, 'a load of wash.' Lo and behold, the little half-pint went and put in a load of laundry. Wow, I've been totally overthinking this parenting thing, I thought.

- Michaeleen Doucleff

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