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Human: Birth

Stephen David

5 mins

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This Netflix docuseries episode explores the biological processes behind attraction, pregnancy, and birth, revealing new scientific insights and the diversity of experiences among expecting parents.


Human: Birth

Human: Birth

by Stephen David


Despite our differences across countries, cuisines, and cultures, every human on Earth has one thing in common: we were all born. Everyone's birth story and experience is unique, but we've all shared the same fundamental start to life.

The six-part Netflix docuseries Human: The World Within explores the incredible ways in which our bodies operate and respond to the world around us. This episode takes a deep dive into birth, including what happens before it and after it. Through interviews, case studies, and data, Human: Birth offers scientific insights into hormones, pregnancy, and infertility, as well as how these are experienced around the globe.

Favorite quote

More than 131 million humans are born each year – 250 every minute. While our understanding of how babies develop and who can create life is evolving, the simple equation that begins all human life remains: one sperm and one egg.

- Jad Abumrad, narrator

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