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How to Grow Old

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Philip Freeman

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How to Grow Old, by Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, provides practical guidance and wisdom on how to live a fruitful life throughout one's later years.


How to Grow Old

How to Grow Old

by Marcus Tullius Cicero


Roman scholar, statesman, and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero is best known for his political writings and speeches. Translated by Philip Freeman, a professor of humanities at Pepperdine University in California, Cicero addresses a more personal matter in his book How to Grow Old – aging.

Cicero inserts his personal wisdom through the fictional monologues of Roman senator Marcus Porcius Cato - known as Cato the Elder - to explain how old age can be a gift rather than a burden.

Cicero disproves the four main complaints of aging – decrease in activities, weakening of the body, libido reduction, and one's closeness to death. The sage claims that one's commitment to knowledge and learning new skills, along with a gracious attitude, can provide stronger satisfaction than any youthful experience.

Favorite quote

We truly can't praise the love and pursuit of wisdom enough, since it allows a person to enjoy every stage of life free from worry.

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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