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How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life

Jennifer Baumgartner

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Let your true colors shine with How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life, as psychologist and fashion enthusiast Dr. Baumgartner teaches how to tastefully inject some personality back into your wardrobe.


How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life

How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life

by Jennifer Baumgartner


Eyes are the window to the soul – but did you know that your clothes can be too? When you pick out an outfit for yourself in the morning, you're putting on a costume. This costume will have a great influence over the course of your day and on the way others perceive you. When you dress yourself in clothes that make you feel empowered, they'll not only improve your confidence, but also let others see you for who you truly are.

After years of work as a clinical psychologist, specializing in mood, anxiety, and drug use, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner turned her attention to the way that our outfit choices can have a long-term impact on our psyche.

An investment in your appearance is far from shallow or superficial. Whether we like it or not, the clothes we put on our back put a statement out into the world about who we are. Even if you're someone who likes to spend 30 seconds on your outfit choices each morning, there's lessons to be learned here. With the help of Dr. Baumgartner, you'll soon discover the power of choosing your clothes with intention. You'll soon see the results for yourself.

Favorite quote

If you can use your wardrobe strategically to get you what you want - like an actor uses a costume to convince others - then that's the best way to use your wardrobe.

- Dr. Baumgartner

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