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How to Be Single and Happy

Jennifer Taitz

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In this book, clinical psychologist Jennifer Taitz tells us how to enjoy the present moment and stave off feelings of hopelessness while pursuing our romantic goals.


How to Be Single and Happy

How to Be Single and Happy

by Jennifer Taitz


As human beings, we're hardwired for relationships. When we perceive ourselves to be lacking in intimate connections, we tend to fall into thought patterns of loneliness and depression.

It's easy to feel like if we don't have romantic love now, it's a personal reflection on us, and that it will be impossible for us to find it in the future. But Jennifer Taitz, a clinical psychologist trained in mindfulness-based cognitive therapies, knows how to stop these negative thoughts. In this book, Taitz teaches us how to override our emotions and listen to our logical minds.

By learning how to identify, isolate, and replace our negative thought patterns, we can avoid the emotional avalanche of stressing about not having met 'the one' and get back to living joyfully.

Favorite quote

The point of feeling joy is not to attract others, but to live well, because YOU deserve that.

- Jennifer Taitz

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