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How to Be Promotable


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From building critical networking skills to dealing with job rejections, How to Be Promotable shows how you can increase your chances for a promotion in a few easy steps.


How to Be Promotable

How to Be Promotable

by Careercake


Getting promoted requires more than just doing your job — you have to go above and beyond what's expected of you. The people who climb quickest up the career ladder are those that immerse themselves in company culture, network with others inside and outside of their team, or add enough value to get noticed.

Career consultant Aimee Bateman is the founder of Careercake, an online platform that offers advice on every aspect of the workplace: from getting your ideas heard to tackling workplace discrimination and social anxiety. In this course, Bateman provides tips for getting that big promotion, exploring the skills needed to build relationships and add value to your organization.

Favorite quote

Private victory is already yours. You've already started improving. You've already succeeded. Nobody can take that away from you.

- Aimee Bateman

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