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How Macro Investors Are Investing in Crypto

The Pomp Podcast, Anthony Pompliano, Dan Tapiero

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In this February 2022 episode of The Pomp Podcast, host Anthony Pompliano and Dan Tapiero, CEO of investment fund 10T Holdings, discuss crypto and traditional assets, unraveling why hedge fund managers view crypto as an investment.


How Macro Investors Are Investing in Crypto

How Macro Investors Are Investing in Crypto

by The Pomp Podcast


Decentralized assets like Bitcoin have rocked the financial industry. A decentralized asset can be held and exchanged without the need for a centralized third party, like a bank, to manage the system. Instead, the system is maintained by a decentralized network, none of whose users are powerful enough to manipulate the infrastructure and system design to suit their wishes. Anti-fraud defenses, traditionally provided by a centralized authority, come from cryptographic technology and clever incentive design.

Dan Tapiero is the founder and CEO of 10T Holdings, an investment fund targeting companies in the Decentralized Asset Ecosystem, or DAE. Anthony Pompliano is a fund manager, entrepreneur, and host of finance and crypto podcast The Pomp Podcast. In this February 2022 episode, Pompliano and Tapiero discuss big hedge fund managers' views on crypto, crypto's investing potential versus traditional markets, Tapiero's investment approach, and the importance of staying healthy as an investor.

Favorite quote

This is maybe the first truly global ... macro investment of all time. We've never had anything that every single person on the planet can actually get involved in — every country, every socioeconomic strata.

- Dan Tapiero, on crypto investing

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