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Green Witchcraft

Paige Vanderbeck

5 mins

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Paige Vanderbeck, aka The Fat Feminist Witch, provides the ultimate guidebook to green witchcraft, bringing together objects from the natural world and spells from the supernatural world.


Green Witchcraft

Green Witchcraft

by Paige Vanderbeck


Green witchcraft is all about living in harmony with the natural world, and Paige Vanderbeck is here to should you how. Vanderbeck is a modern witch, author, YouTuber, and host of the Fat Feminist Witch podcast. She believes that everyone has power and should know how to use it.

In Green Witchcraft, Vanderbeck guides the reader through the history of witchcraft, the tools of green witchcraft, and how to put your knowledge into practice. The book explores how we can create a communion with the ancient flowers, plants, and stones that surround us, and use our green thumb to unleash the medicinal and the mystical by harnessing natural and supernatural energies.

Favorite quote

When you learn to live in harmony with the earth, every space becomes a sacred space.

- Paige Vanderbeck

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