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Glad You Asked: Is Beauty Culture Hurting Us?

Joie Jacoby, Joe Posner, Chad Mumm

5 mins

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The rise of beauty vloggers has made the beauty industry more inclusive, but does that mean it has progressed past its problematic nature? This episode of Glad You Asked uncovers the best and worst parts of beauty culture.


Glad You Asked: Is Beauty Culture Hurting Us?

Glad You Asked: Is Beauty Culture Hurting Us?

by Joie Jacoby


Before your favorite beauty vloggers were showing you their makeup routine on YouTube, the only way to learn about the beauty industry was from fashion magazines or directly from beauty brands.

In that world, there were barriers to who could be involved in the beauty industry. Magazine editors and marketers carefully chose their cover models and spokespeople, and upheld unattainable standards of beauty. Today, anyone can make a YouTube video or Instagram post about their beauty routine, and they don't have to fit perfectly inside the beauty industry's unrealistic box.

While this newfound inclusivity entails great progress, Vox producers Cleo Abram and Joss Fong are still suspicious of beauty culture. In this episode of the YouTube series Glad You Asked, they investigate the beauty industry and modern beauty standards from multiple perspectives to answer the question: is beauty culture hurting us?

Favorite quote

I would love to see our representations of beauty diversified, but what I would love to see even more than that is less concern with how beautiful women are, period.

- Renee Engeln, professor of psychology, Northwest University

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