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Follow Up and Close the Sale

Jeff Shore

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Award-winning sales coach Jeff Shore draws on over 30 years of front-line sales experience to create an effective system for following up and sealing the deal.


Follow Up and Close the Sale

Follow Up and Close the Sale

by Jeff Shore


Most sales presentations end with uncertainty, 'let me think about it' being one of the most common ways of dodging the questions of a persistent salesperson.

For 44% of salespeople, the sales process ends when they don't get a 'yes' on the first try. Sales research also shows that the average customer says 'no' up to four times before making a purchase.

In Follow Up and Close the Sale, author, consultant, and sales expert Jeff Shore explains how to build the right mindset about following up, creating effective systems to do so, and how to execute and close the deal. This book will help salespeople, managers, and business owners to sell more efficiently, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Favorite quote

People don't buy from you because you bother them: they buy from you because you care more than anyone else.

- Jeff Shore

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