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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

Sarah Wilson

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First, We Make the Beast Beautiful explores innovative strategies for managing anxiety so you can live a richer and fuller life.


First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful

by Sarah Wilson


According to a Chinese proverb, 'before you can conquer a beast, you must first make it beautiful.' For Sarah Wilson, anxiety was a beast she had long struggled to battle into submission – but she had never before considered seeing the beauty in it.

The former editor of Cosmopolitan Australia and host of Masterchef Australia, Wilson is now an entrepreneur and blogger who writes about philosophy, anxiety, and toxin-free living. In this book, the author shares her personal experiences with anxiety and the lessons she has learned through them.

Through interviews with a range of experts and fellow anxiety sufferers as well as helpful tips and witty reflections, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful shows why we don't have to let anxiety govern our lives.

Favorite quote

There's a very particular thing about grace. You can't go out and get it, or buy it. Just as you can't earn it. I read somewhere that it's like life wants to give us a gift, but we want to buy it.

- Sarah Wilson

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