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Find Your Life Purpose and Maximize Your Impact

Brandon Hakim, Insider School

5 mins

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This course explores learnings from the world's most outstanding individuals, drawing lessons on how they found their purpose, overcame self-doubt, and made their mark.


Find Your Life Purpose and Maximize Your Impact

Find Your Life Purpose and Maximize Your Impact

by Brandon Hakim


Around the world, people grapple with understanding their purpose and achieving their potential. By looking at the lives of people whose accomplishments are still celebrated hundreds of years later, it can be clearer to find our own calling.

Brandon Hakim is the founder of Insider School, which distills valuable advice from the world's best non-fiction books into brief weekly videos. From Einstein and Socrates to modern-day successful individuals, in this course, Hakim illustrates how finding your purpose is a journey that takes persistence, dedication, practice, and time.

Favorite quote

We think we need to wait months or years before we can actually get what we want or do what we want, when in reality, we can actually start on the process.

- Brandon Hakim

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