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Fashion Industry Secrets

British Vogue, Alexa Chung

5 mins

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Fashion model and journalist Alexa Chung accompanies Vogue in a deep dive into the inner workings of the fashion industry.


Fashion Industry Secrets

Fashion Industry Secrets

by British Vogue


The fashion industry is one of the most secretive and cloistral in the world. Infamously parodied as cliquey and elite through numerous movies and books, fashion's inner workings remain foggy to most young creatives dreaming of fame and glitter. Nonetheless, valued at 28 billion pounds in the U.K., the industry is far more multifarious and multifaceted than many initially assume.

In this documentary, model and fashion journalist Alexa Chung leads her audience on an intimate analysis of the industry. She explores the sociological stakes of fashion, but also its economical weight, and creative implications.

In conversation with leading fashion journalists, trend forecasters, and contemporary designers, Chung debunks myths and stereotypes about the industry she knows best — an investigative yet tender peek into a mysterious universe.

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