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Fantastic Festivals of the World: The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival By Jeff Gentes, Sigal Bujman

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This documentary explores the exciting Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival that occurs each year, as well as the vibrant city of Hong Kong itself.

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As the lights glitter on the water and rock at the sky, it's undeniable that there's non-stop excitement in this celebration.

Jeff Gentes


Hong Kong may only be a mere 424 square miles, but it's loaded with palpable energy, fusing modernism and tradition.

One of the traditions locals and tourists pay particular attention to is one of Hong Kong's numerous festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival that occurs in the fall.

The festival is one of the most widely celebrated events of the year, where families gather to eat, light lanterns, and send out prayers and wishes into the universe.

The Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival is the initial episode in the first season of Fantastic Festivals of the World.

The series acts as a travelogue, exploring different countries and how they celebrate their greatest festivals.

Directed by award-winning cinematographer Marc Pingry, written by documentary filmmaker Sigal Bujman, and narrated by Jeff Gentes, this episode explores the wonders of the famous Hong Kong festival.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Spiritual practices are core aspects of the Mid-Autumn Festival
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