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Podcast Hack
Dry JanuaryBy Over The Influence, Ben Anderson, Dr. Richard Piper, Danielle Cooper

In a Nutshell

This December 2021 episode of Over The Influence busts myths about Dry January, explains the benefits of taking a break from alcohol, and gives tips for making the most of a sober month.

Favorite Quote

Connection … has been the key thing; it's been the clincher for me for sobriety to stick. Not only stick, but be fun.

Danielle Cooper


Dry January, set up by Alcohol Change UK, is a month-long challenge to go alcohol-free.

Whether you need a break after festive indulgences, are worried about your relationship with alcohol, or are simply on a health kick, there are many reasons we might attempt Dry January.

In this December 2021 episode of Over The Influence: The Alcohol Free Podcast, hosts Sharon Hartley, Ben Anderson, and Freddie Bennett talk to the CEO of Alcohol Change UK, Richard Piper, all about Dry January.

The team bust myths, give tips on a successful Dry January, and talk to a member of the Over The Influence community, Danielle Cooper, about her sobriety journey.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    There are many reasons people decide to go alcohol-free
  2. 2.
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