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Digital Capital Markets

Queen’s University, Ryan Riordan

5 mins

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This edX course from Queen's University explores the ways in which new technologies influence financial markets.


Digital Capital Markets

Digital Capital Markets

by Queen’s University


Technology has flipped the business world upside down. New technologies can either have positive or negative effects on a business's profits — and the world at large.

Ryan Riordan is a Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Smith School of Business, Queen's University in Canada. A former financial trader, Riordan now consults for financial institutions, market operators, and securities regulators.

In the Digital Capital Markets edX course, Riordan takes an in-depth look at the inner workings of new technologies within financial markets. From trading physical goods to services and digital currencies, the financial world has never moved so swiftly. Riordan's insight will let you in on the mysterious world of the capital market so you can take your first steps into it without fear.

Favorite quote

It would have been unimaginable for investors then to comprehend that within 150 years, pricing information would be transmitted through fiber-optic cables and microwave signals, reaching its destinations in mere milliseconds.

- Queen's University

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