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Design & Bind Your Own Creative Portfolio

Bonnie Christine

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

Design & Bind Your Own Creative Portfolio goes through the fundamentals of why you should have a portfolio and how to execute it to perfection.


Design & Bind Your Own Creative Portfolio

Design & Bind Your Own Creative Portfolio

by Bonnie Christine


There's a lot of competition in the creative industry. Many people hone their artistic skills daily, but they are rarely taught about the business aspect of their work. Being a great artist won't do you much good if you don't share your work with the world.

Bonnie Christie is an artist and surface patterns designer specializing in teaching creatives. In this course, Christie offers her expertise in creating a portfolio that will sell you as an artist, catching the attention of companies and clients alike.

Favorite quote

You can have the most beautiful work in the world, but if it's not presented in a way that makes sense and is beautiful to look at, then it's really not going to cover as much ground for you as it could potentially do so.

- Bonnie Christine

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