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Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

Dorie Clark

5 mins

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This course provides a set of guidelines to help you set your career goals in a way that is attainable, realistic, and in line with your strengths.


Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

Defining and Achieving Professional Goals

by Dorie Clark


Many of us set ambitious goals for ourselves, but after a while we realize that our initial enthusiasm got the best of us. It's not just a matter of willpower or grit - the key lies in how we set our goals in the first place.

Dorie Clark is a Professor of Business Administrator and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. In this course, Clark explains how you can identify your values, clearly define your goals, and manage rewards in order to maintain motivation.

Favorite quote

Goal-setting is often something we think about once a year, usually around December 31st. Instead, if we put just a little more focus on the process throughout the year, it turns out we can accomplish far more and get disproportionate returns.

- Dorie Clark

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