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Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

University of Toronto, Ivan Wanis Ruiz

5 mins

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Nowadays, we don't always communicate face-to-face. Here are the secrets to communicating effectively, no matter whether you're in person or on a screen.


Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age

by University of Toronto


In the last decade, we have become increasingly reliant on virtual communication, but can you properly connect and communicate when you're not in the same physical space? Virtual communication shows no sign of stopping, so we need to understand how to communicate as effectively as possible.

This course is presented by the University of Toronto and taught by Ivan Wanis Ruiz, an instructor at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies. With a background in finance, marketing, HR, and entrepreneurship, Ruiz has a wealth of experience in the business world.

This course incorporates neurology, biology, and evolution to explain how the brain processes information and how this affects what you say and remember. Whether your team communicates from one location or from different places around the world, with this course, we can all communicate better.

Favorite quote

You can communicate with someone in a way that they understand? Great. Does that mean they'll always do what you want? Does that mean they'll always listen? No.

- Ivan Wanis Ruiz

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