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Comfortably UnawareBy Richard Oppenlander

In a Nutshell

Comfortably Unaware is a well-researched compendium on how our food choices and animal agriculture impact the environment and contribute to world hunger, the destruction of rainforests, and climate change.

Favorite quote

Our current good choices detrimentally affect climate change and global warming more so than do all the cars, planes, trucks, buses, and trains used worldwide.

Richard Oppenlander


The environmental crisis – global warming in particular – is one of the most serious threats our world currently faces.

However, in the public discussion about climate issues, we overlook some of its causes.

Fossil fuels and transportation are often mentioned as the top reasons for global warming.

Undoubtedly, their effects are serious.

However, we shouldn't forget that the third major contributor to global warming is animal agriculture.

Raising livestock causes as much as 20% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

It also contributes to destroying wildlife and produces excessive amounts of waste.

Yet, the gravity of its impact is often skipped, because it would require us to touch upon a very uncomfortable aspect of our lives: our eating habits.

The title of this book, Comfortably Unaware: What We Choose to Eat Is Killing Us and Our Planet perfectly captures the root of the problem.

It's comfortable for most people to remain oblivious to the impact their food choices have on the planet.

However, Richard Oppenlander argues that it's high time we give up that comfort and open our eyes to how we can help solve the biggest problems of humanity by simply adjusting our diets.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Raising livestock contributes to the destruction of rainforests
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