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Book Hack
Closing the Influence GapBy Carla Miller

In a Nutshell

Women's leadership coach and author Carla Miller explains how women can make their voices heard in the workplace.

Favorite Quote

You are not alone in your self-doubt, worry and imposter feelings. The other women that you look at in meetings and you think have it all sorted - behind the confident exterior, they share many of the same thoughts, feelings and challenges as you do.

Carla Miller


Have you ever found it hard to make your voice heard in the workplace?

Perhaps you've experienced 'hepeating,' where a man makes the same point you just did and gets all the credit for it.

Or maybe you've been interrupted by colleagues, since research shows that women get interrupted 50% of the time in meetings. For men, it's just 34%.

It's likely that you're experiencing the Influence Gap — where women struggle to get a seat at the tables that matter, and still aren't taken as seriously as men when they do.

Women's leadership coach Carla Miller has helped hundreds of women get their voice heard in the workplace.

In this book, Miller shares her step-by-step framework for success.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Start seeing yourself as a leader
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