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Christianity: A Very Short IntroductionBy Linda Woodhead

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Leading expert on religion Linda Woodhead provides a concise introduction to one of the world's largest religions, exploring Christianity's cultural, institutional, and artistic power over two millennia.

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Like most religions, it is more capacious and flexible than a philosophical system, and works not only with abstract concepts but with vivid narratives, resonant symbols, living communities, and life-shaping rituals.

Linda Woodhead on Christianity


Christianity captured the hearts of many and has spread across the globe since its founding around 2,000 years ago.

But where did Christianity come from? Why is it still successful in the modern period? And how do the words of Jesus Christ echo through culture to this day?

In this book from Oxford University Press's Very Short Introductions series, Linda Woodhead, one of the world's leading experts on religion, dissects the rise and spread of Christianity.

Woodhead examines the religion's different forms, struggle for power, and role in global and colonial history.

Christianity: A Very Short Introduction provides an overview of the world's biggest religion and sheds light on the decline of Christianity in the West today.

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    Different interpretations of Jesus Christ have shaped Christianity across the centuries
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