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Choose Yourself

James Altucher

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Choose Yourself is a plea for self-care, showing how prioritizing your growth and embracing your innate sense of generosity can help to improve your relationships with yourself and others.


Choose Yourself

Choose Yourself

by James Altucher


In 2002, James Altucher's father died of a stroke. Through the agony of grief, the truth hit hard: he was on his own and needed to take responsibility for his life. This tragic turn of events drove the author to explore his personal narrative more deeply. To live well and healthily, he'd need to find gratitude – in spite of everything that had happened.

James Altucher is a hedge fund manager, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he's founded more than 20 companies and written 20 books, as well as contributing to The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. In this book, Altucher takes a deep dive into self-love, coming up with one valuable lesson: if you don't take responsibility for your own misery, your life will feel empty. Only through deep inner work can you unleash your fullest potential and rise above the boundaries you've set for yourself.

Favorite quote

If you don't make courageous choices for yourself, nobody else will.

- Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

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