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Business Writing Techniques

Debora Sepich,, Doane University

5 mins

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In this course, Debora Sepich explores the writing techniques best suited for business audiences and the importance of etiquette in crafting business communications.


Business Writing Techniques

Business Writing Techniques

by Debora Sepich,


The prevalence of online communication like email, social media, and instant messaging make strong writing skills a necessity in modern business. Professionals in every industry rely on writing to sell, persuade, and communicate important information. Knowing where to begin can be difficult, but with this course, you'll have all the tools you need to feel comfortable in your writing.

Without a grasp of key strategies for planning, drafting, and proofreading, writing is challenging and time-consuming. You need to know the purpose and audience of your writing, and the benefits and limitations of the medium through which you deliver your messages. Once you become well-practiced at analyzing your own writing, you'll be better prepared to maintain trust, goodwill, and satisfaction in customers, clients, and coworkers.

Deborah Sepich draws from her experience as an educator and entrepreneur in the software industry to give you practical strategies to refine and invigorate your professional communications.

Favorite quote

Words that affect your reader positively are likely to produce the response you desire in letter-writing situations. A positive emphasis will persuade the reader and create goodwill.

- Debora Sepich

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