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Business Writing Principles

Judy Steiner-Williams

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Judy Steiner-Williams covers the fundamentals of effective and engaging business writing.


Business Writing Principles

Business Writing Principles

by Judy Steiner-Williams


In today's growing global village, business writing plays an increasingly important role in stimulating collaboration and synergy across departmental, cultural and geographical divides. So it's important for each one of us to make sure that when contributing to ongoing conversations with colleagues and partners we are able to make as impactful a contribution as possible. That's exactly what Judy Steiner-Williams had in mind when she developed this course.

Williams recognizes that the effectiveness of our business writing skills can actually make or break our careers because research shows that employers rank the ability to communicate well as being the number 1 skill needed for a hire or promotion. Even from her over forty years teaching both students and support staff effective business communication at Indiana University, she has seen how the skills her students take away from her class impact their professional lives; especially for her MBA students.

In this particular course she helps us become better business writers by helping us understand common practices and the intended audience of our writing. She makes it clear how understanding the intended audience is central to effective business writing and how we can develop an effective business writing system that works across the board.

Favorite quote

A natural born writer is a myth.

- Judy Steiner-Williams

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