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Bullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond?

Queensland University of Technology, Marilyn Campbell

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In this course by Queensland University of Technology, education professor Marilyn Campbell gives teachers the tools to recognize bullying and help students feel safe.


Bullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond?

Bullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond?

by Queensland University of Technology


One-third of students experience bullying in school but it mostly goes unreported. For a variety of reasons, students do not feel comfortable sharing their bullying experience with teachers. So what can teachers do to make students feel like they are a trusted ally?

In this free online course from Future Learn, Queensland University of Technology education professor Marilyn Campbell explains how teachers can recognize and respond to bullying. Through helpful statistics, tactics, and action items, the course gives teachers the resources to address bullying at their schools. Campbell shows how teachers and institutions can help each other through positive reinforcement and showing a united front against bullying.

Favorite quote

Bullying has always existed and has been accepted by society as normal childhood behaviour ... we now understand how harmful it is. It leads to children feeling lonely, anxious, and unsafe.

- Marilyn Campbell

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