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Building Self-Confidence

Todd Dewett

5 mins

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In this empowering course, author and educator Dr. Todd Dewett outlines simple and actionable ways to evaluate, grow, and sustain your self-confidence.


Building Self-Confidence

Building Self-Confidence

by Todd Dewett


Self-confidence isn't just a personal quality, but a crucial skill for a successful life that requires practice. Proactively managing your time, thoughts, and actions can help you boost your self-confidence and accomplish your goals.

Dr. Todd Dewett is a top LinkedIn Learning instructor and bestselling author specializing in leadership and growth. A former professor of management at Wright State University, today he is a global keynote speaker and coach with a library of courses that empower professionals to improve and succeed.

In this course, Dewett explains how you can confront your emotions and mistakes, stay positive, and create a clear plan to boost and maintain your self-confidence.

Favorite quote

Any form of mistake or failure is really just a type of feedback pointing you in a more productive direction, if you're paying attention.

- Dr. Todd Dewett

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