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Born for This

Chris Guillebeau

5 mins

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Born for This shows us how to identify the work we were meant to do - even if this consists of many different forms of work over the course of our lives.


Born for This

Born for This

by Chris Guillebeau


Chris Guillebeau's life must feel like one big birthday party for a 12-year old. There's a bouncy castle, a huge buffet, lots of cake, a waterslide, a magic show and of course a ton of party games to choose from. Even if there's switching from one station to the next, it'd never get boring.

All of Guillebeau's books and projects seem like they're one of these birthday games – Guillebeau just has a ton of fun. This time, he shows us how he managed to turn this big birthday party of his into something that pays the bills.

If The Happiness of Pursuit shows us how to spend our lives, then Born for This shows us how to pay for it.

Favorite quote

Select the job title you want, don't choose from existing ones.

- Chris Guillebeau

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