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Born a Crime

Trevor Noah

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Daily Show host Trevor Noah tells his story of growing up as a mixed-race child in South Africa at a time when relationships between white and Black people in the country were illegal.


Born a Crime

Born a Crime

by Trevor Noah


We all know Trevor Noah from his helm at the Daily Show desk, but not many are familiar with this talented comedian's story.

Noah was born in apartheid South Africa where his very existence was a crime, the child of a Black mother and a white father when interracial relationships could be punished by five years in prison. Noah's mother had to go to extraordinary lengths to protect him. But despite poverty, violence, and abuse, she was committed to forging a better life for her son.

In this autobiography, Trevor Noah walks us through his isolated upbringing as a curious and mischievous boy into discovering himself and his new freedom as a teen at the end of apartheid.

Favorite quote

Whilst my mother couldn't give me access to the world, she at least made sure to let me know it existed. A kid cannot dream of being an astronaut if he does not know about space.

- Trevor Noah

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