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Becoming Awestruck

Jason Silva

5 mins

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In this course by TV personality Jason Silva, find out how to tap into your flow and reconnect to your inner child and innate sense of awe.


Becoming Awestruck

Becoming Awestruck

by Jason Silva


Experiencing life to the fullest is about opening yourself up to moments that have the potential to rewire your perspective. Fostering your curiosity and deepening your relationship with evergreen tasks and topics can allow you to improve your mental and physical health.

It's time to stop allowing your anxieties to rule your decision making and let go of your fear of the unknown.

Jason Silva, Emmy-nominated TV personality and keynote speaker, seeks to inspire people to shift their perspectives so they can encounter more teachable moments in their lives and open up their eyes to life's great wonders. In Becoming Awestruck, Silva highlights the importance of using the wonderful gifts life has to offer to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Favorite quote

Stewardship of internal life is the capacity to steer your field of awareness.

- Jason Silva

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