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Suneel Gupta, Carlye Adler

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Suneel Gupta, with co-author Carlye Adler, explains why it's not enough to have a good startup idea in the business world. You, as the founder, must be backable, and Gupta will help you get there.




by Suneel Gupta


In the competitive world of startups, everyone has a product they think will disrupt the market. So why are plenty of good ideas still getting rejected by investors?

The difference between a funded startup and a failed one isn't market research; it's how 'backable' the people and ideas behind the company are. Suneel Gupta learned this powerful lesson the hard way, repeatedly failing to find investment for his tech startup until he focused on himself and his motivation.

Through dozens of interviews with investors and industry leaders, Gupta and collaborator Carlye Adler reveal what startup investors are really looking for in entrepreneurs and their ideas. Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You lays out clear, actionable steps to help you perfect your pitch, no matter what it is.

Favorite quote

What moves people isn't charisma, but conviction. Backable people earnestly believe in what they're saying, and they simply let that belief shine through whatever style feels most natural.

- Suneel Gupta and Carlye Adler

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