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Abstract: Footwear Design

Tinker Hatfield, Morgan Neville, Scott Dadich

5 mins

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In this episode of Abstract, Nike icon Tinker Hatfield lays out the blueprint for modern sneaker design.


Abstract: Footwear Design

Abstract: Footwear Design

by Tinker Hatfield


Imagine normal activities without shoes: walking barefoot on a cold day across a filthy street, boarding the subway, or taking a walk in the woods. Our feet are delicate, and shoes are what allow us to take hikes, play sports, stay warm, and get to work. Every shoe is designed for a unique purpose, in a process that requires the designer to improve upon the limitations of the human foot.

Tinker Hatfield is the Nike Vice President for Design and Special Projects and the creative force behind many of Nike's most successful shoe lines, such as Air Jordan and Air Max.

Netflix docuseries Abstract: The Art of Design explores unique and innovative design processes across various media. This episode, Footwear Design, sees Tinker Hatfield guide the aspiring sneaker designer from brainstorming to branding while sprinkling in his own wisdom throughout.

Favorite quote

I probably think about feet a lot more than the average person.

- Tinker Hatfield

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