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A World in Disarray

Richard N. Haass

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A World In Disarray opens your mind to ways that you make the world more peaceful by guiding you through the major changes in global affairs since World War II.


A World in Disarray

A World in Disarray

by Richard N. Haass


Do you see the world as peaceful? Depending on what country you live in, your answer might vary. However, when we turn on the news, we realize that the world has become plagued with conflicts and wars of all kinds: political and military. Although we haven't had a major world war in a few decades, recent events might make us worry that another one is just around the corner. Everything seems to be falling apart.

That's what Richard Haass discusses in his A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order. There may still be hope for a peaceful future. World peace may one day be a reality if we decide to demand more from our leaders now.

Favorite quote

Managing a situation in a manner that fails to address core issues can be preferable to attempting to bring about a solution sure to be unacceptable to one or more of the parties.

- Richard Hauss

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