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Book Hack
A Short Philosophy of BirdsBy Philippe J Dubois, Elise Rousseau

In a Nutshell

French authors Philippe J. Dubois and Elis Rousseau explain what birds can teach us about life, happiness, partnership, and freedom.

Favorite Quote

The truth is that birds don't question happiness. They live it. When things are going well, they're happy. It's as simple as that. Knowing how not to worry – perhaps that is the beginning of happiness.

Philippe J. Dubois and Elis Rousseau


As humans, we pride ourselves on our logic, creativity, and aptitude for technology.

Our tendency to see ourselves as the center of the world often prevents us from seeing how much innate knowledge can be found in nature.

Despite all our scientific and technological accomplishments, we are no happier than any animal out there.

Philippe J. Dubois, an ornithologist, and Elise Rousseau, a philosopher, share a longstanding love of birdwatching.

In A Short Philosophy of Birds, Dubois and Rousseau condense their years of observing different species of birds into simple life lessons about natural cycles, beauty, love, and finding happiness in simplicity.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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