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A Line Above the Sky

Helen Mort

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This memoir from British poet Helen Mort explores the links between mountain climbing, connecting with nature, and motherhood.


A Line Above the Sky

A Line Above the Sky

by Helen Mort


Few experiences remind us of our own physicality and innate connection with nature like ascending a mountain or giving birth.

Helen Mort is an award-winning British poet, novelist, and Royal Society of Literature fellow. On top of writing two poetry collections, a novel, and a short story anthology, Mort is a mother, a trail runner, and a rock climber.

In her 2022 book, A Line Above the Sky, Helen Mort recounts her experiences of giving birth, motherhood, and mountain climbing, intertwining a love for nature with a visceral feminine experience.

Favorite quote

If you can find meaning in climbing, you can find meaning in life. Hand, hand. Foot, foot. Pitch after pitch in the stifling afternoon. You love it precisely because it means nothing.

- Helen Mort

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