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A Life on Our Planet

David Attenborough

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In A Life on Our Planet, renowned nature broadcaster David Attenborough shares a personal retrospective of his career and his concerns for the future of life on Earth.


A Life on Our Planet

A Life on Our Planet

by David Attenborough


For decades, his soothing voice has guided audiences through the lives of our planet's diverse array of creatures. Now, he turns his lens back at his own career and how it has shaped his outlook.

Sir David Attenborough has spent most of his life as a natural historian and broadcaster. He has produced dozens of books and documentaries covering all aspects of Earth's natural environment and biodiversity. Featuring new footage as well as drawing on Attenborough's massive body of previous work, A Life on Our Planet takes a look at the evolutionary history of life on Earth and where it's headed.

At times both somber and uplifting, the 2020 documentary A Life on Our Planet is a powerful reminder of how delicate and interconnected life on Earth is, how much of it we've lost, and what we can still do to save it.

Favorite quote

There are many differences between humans and the rest of the species on Earth, but one that has been expressed is that we alone are able to imagine the future.

- David Attenborough

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