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2000s Made Me Gay

Grace Perry

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This book of essays and storytelling examines 2000s culture and its impact on Grace Perry's queer identity.


2000s Made Me Gay

2000s Made Me Gay

by Grace Perry


The media we consume in our formative years shapes our worldview — for better or worse. For one woman, television and film through the late 1990s and early aughts simultaneously piqued her sexual interest and kept her closeted and confused.

Grace Perry is an Australian writer on pop culture and LGBTQ+ topics. Her work has appeared in The Onion, Reductress, and Chicago Magazine. 2000s Made Me Gay is a book of personal essays exploring how the pop culture of this century's first decade – from Mean Girls to Battle of the Sexes – informed Perry's experience as a queer woman.

Favorite quote

Representation doesn't matter for the sake of visibility in itself but for the sake of communicating the lived realities of queer people.

- Grace Perry

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