May 18, 2022

Quiz: Are as smart as a 10 year old?

Exams have been widely criticised for negatively affecting children’s mental health. When it comes to SATs (the year 6 exam taken in English schools) a recent survey found that over three in five parents (63.3%) are under the impression that children are becoming stressed about the exams, and the majority (87.5%) feel that the primary purpose behind the tests is to in fact assess school performance, rather than a child’s learning progress.*

7-11 year olds in England have recently been sitting their SATs. To demonstrate how challenging and potentially anxiety-inducing these exams can be, we decided to compile 12 questions from past SATs papers so you can find out how you would fare during exam season - and if you are smarter than a 10-year-old. 

The quiz, made up of 12 Literacy and Maths questions, can be found below:

Click here to take the quiz

Rather than the full official exam, we’ve created an easy to navigate quiz featuring a variety of questions compiled from past exam papers. 

The reason we are bringing your attention to SATs is that we want to give you the opportunity to test if you are smarter than a 10 year old and if you might struggle with some of the questions. At Uptime, it’s our mission to inspire you to learn - academic or not - and thrive in a fast-changing world.

SATs scores are usually marked 80 to 120, with a score of 100 or more meaning a pupil has reached the level expected by government standards. In 2019 (the last year that SATs were taken, due to COVID), 65% of pupils met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined.** To ensure that our quiz results are representative of real-life grading, people must achieve a minimum score of 10 in the 12-question quiz to pass “government standards”.

Introduced in 1988, SATs are a set of compulsory exams for year six (Key Stage 2) students in England testing a pupil’s English reading, English grammar, punctuation, spelling and maths abilities.

Whether you score 12/12 on your Uptime SATs or not, remember that learning is more than just academic achievement. If you’re looking to learn a little more about education and academia, or to generally improve your skills outside of the classroom, here are a few of our Knowledge Hacks that may be for you:

  • English for the Workplace - Course by the British Council
  • Am I ready to be a distance learner? - Course by The Open University
  • Learning Success - Course by Columbia University
  • Learn like a pro - Course by Olav Schewe and Barbara Oakley
  • Ultralearning - Book by Scott H Young

And there are many, many more Hacks that will appeal to your learning topic of choice.

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