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You're Wrong About: Reconstruction

You're Wrong About, Jamelle Bouie, Sarah Marshall

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In this podcast, Sarah Marshall and Jamelle Bouie explore the often-overlooked aftermath of the American Civil War, and how the progress of civil rights in the U.S. was undermined at its most crucial moment.


You're Wrong About: Reconstruction

You're Wrong About: Reconstruction

by You're Wrong About


In American history, the Civil War is seen as a significant turning point for civil rights, culminating in the emancipation of the country's enslaved population. What we very rarely talk about is what happened next.

Sarah Marshall is a journalist and podcaster. Her podcast, You're Wrong About, explores the misconceptions we have about history — from the big events to the untold stories. Jamelle Bouie is a New York Times columnist who specializes in history and racial politics.

The Reconstruction period should have been the true turning point in American history, with formerly enslaved people helping to reshape the U.S. into a truly progressive 'land of the free.' As Marshall and Bouie discuss, this was never allowed to happen.

Favorite quote

I think it's very humbling to think of history not as this grand scope of major events, but as human beings doing the same things generation after generation.

- Sarah Marshall

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