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You're Not Alone

Zachary David Westerbeck

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This book by mental health advocate Zachary David Westerbeck is a non-judgemental guide to depression and anxiety, offering practical ways to alleviate symptoms, find help, and learn to overcome mental health struggles.


You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone

by Zachary David Westerbeck


Mental health issues like depression and anxiety affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. But when you're in the middle of a storm, it can often feel like you're facing it alone.

Since learning how to manage his own mental health issues, Zachary David Westerbeck has gone on to become a successful mental health advocate, speaker, and coach to college students and organizations. In this book, Westerbeck outlines some of the causes of conditions like depression and anxiety, the symptoms we may feel, and how we might overcome them.

You're Not Alone takes a non-judgmental and friendly approach to the different struggles many of us face, while reminding us that help is available.

Favorite quote

In time, those rays of sun will break through the clouds and you'll be able to see just how beautiful you and life are. This too shall pass.

- Zachary David Westerbeck

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