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Writing a Resume

Stacey Gordon

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course from LinkedIn Learning walks you through how to write a successful and meaningful resume, showing what to include and exclude, how to format, and how to ensure you stand out.


Writing a Resume

Writing a Resume

by Stacey Gordon


Today, the job market is more global and connected than ever before. When you're competing against applicants from all over the globe, it's especially important to make sure your resume stands out.

Luckily, Stacey Gordon, career coach and co-founder of Career Incubator, is here to help. In this course, Gordon gives us a straightforward approach to writing and upgrading resumes, showing us how to get better results on the path to landing our dream job.

Favorite quote

By using additional sections in your resume to express your skills and experience, using keywords in the right place, and by not overlooking the basics, you are positioned to outshine your competition and get the job you want.

- Stacey Gordon

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