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Why You Need More Rest

Feel Better, Live More, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Claudia Hammond

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In this January 2020 episode of Feel Better Live More, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee talks to British author Claudia Hammond about the benefits of rest and the best activities that help us wind down and recuperate.


Why You Need More Rest

Why You Need More Rest

by Feel Better, Live More


Busy seems to have become the new successful. Never before in history have we as a society had such a negative attitude towards rest. Yet, studies show that more than two-thirds of people feel like they aren't getting enough rest.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is a physician, television presenter, and author who focuses on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. In his podcast Feel Better Live More, Dr. Chatterjee talks to experts from various fields about healthy habits that help us live a fuller life.

This January 2020 episode brings us British writer and BBC Radio 4 presenter Claudia Hammond, who discusses some of the main insights from her book The Art of Rest. Based on one of the largest global surveys on rest – The Rest Test – Hammond's book covers the most common ways people around the world unwind and relax.

Favorite quote

If we're waiting for our to-do lists to be done in order to rest, we're never going to end up resting.

- Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

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